Making Camping Rules

A lot of things that occur while on a camping trip may not be anticipated. In nature, many things can occur at random which is why it’s vital to be fully prepared for whatever may come your way, especially in the wilderness.

Camping with Children

Here are a few ideas to help you have an enjoyable camping trip with children in tow. This isn’t an all-inclusive list but will help relieve the strain.

Two tents – one for playtime and one for sleeping. It is advisable to put a bucket of easily washable toys, books, and board games in the tent. It keeps children from sitting in the dirt and playing (although dirt inevitably gets tracked in, just make sure to sweep it out when cleaning out). Your kids will find it cool that they get a chilling spot to themselves. It is a real life saver when preparing meals as you know where they are and they aren’t getting into trouble. The sleeping tent will only be for changing clothes and sleeping. It’s unexplainable how good it feels sleeping without sand in your face.

Bug Spray & Sunscreen – Be sure not to leave this behind. You may not know the importance until you get out there but it’s crucial to protect your little ones.

Toasted Sandwich Maker – You know the cast iron kind? Yep, grab some of those, and you can make sandwiches, calzones, pies for dessert, and more. You can take a can of biscuits along and use those buttery, flaky biscuits in the makers with cheese. Yummy! This reminds me that you should also take Cooking Spray along to keep everything easy clean.

Anti-Bacterial Wipes – the hand soap is nice, but not for camping. Wipes are much more convenient and easier to use.

Keep Nap Times – Try to keep your nap/sleep schedule as close to the same times as possible. Not worth it for you or them!

Bikes – Be sure to bring bikes and a child carrier. If the kids are especially hard to put to sleep for their afternoon nap, just take them for a short ride on the bike, and in no time they will fall asleep.

Swimming Suits, Life Jackets & Swim Hats – Leave the nice stuff at home or for photos. Just pack what is necessary to protect the children while swimming or sunbathing and be sure they always have their life jackets on anywhere around the water.