The Camping Diet

Foods fit for camping tend to vary depending on the type of camping you will be doing. If you are headed to a camping ground with shops in the area, you will more than likely have a wider variety of foods available to you as opposed to camping out in the wilderness where you will need to pack enough food and be able to carry it with you to keep you going for the duration of your trip.

It’s a good idea to go light on a camping trip unless you’re utilizing a caravan. However, if you will be doing a lot of hiking while camping keeping pots and pans in your backpack might not be a good idea. You will need to decide before you go whether or not you will be bringing fresh meats and poultry or bringing frozen foods and canned foods.

Another thing to consider is trying to bring only the necessary foods as opposed to processed foods. It’s helpful to have a bit of knowledge of the quality foods the body requires to function at its best, especially on a camping trip where dealing with nature’s unpredictable conditions can be harsh on the body. What is essential to the body is a good source of carbohydrates in the morning like oats or muesli, to sustain it throughout the day and a moderate amount of protein like canned tuna or chicken to help the body repair itself at lunch.

You can consider bringing foods from the three main food groups including meat, poultry, fish, dry beans, eggs, nuts, any fruits and vegetables, bread, cereal, pasta, milk, yogurt, and cheese. These are the main foods inside the food pyramid which consists of what our bodies require to remain healthy and strong. These food ideas are general, but you are free to bring what you feel is necessary to keep your body energized on your trip.

Freeze-Dried Meals

Freeze-dried meals can be quite expensive, but they come in handy when you need a full balanced meal in the wilderness. It is a very popular choice amongst campers. They have a long shelf-life, are very light to carry, and can be prepared instantly with a little bit of hot water, not to mention it’s a complete meal in a box.

Freeze-dried foods are mostly nutritious despite some misconceptions about them. They contain fresh ingredients, and mostly they can taste as fresh as a home-cooked dinner. Even though freeze-dried foods are stripped of their moisture and put into oxygen-proof and moisture-proof bags, it looks presentable enough and definitely healthy enough for a camper. Most foods can be freeze-dried, and they are a definite advantage for campers, especially in the wilderness where stoves and microwaves aren’t close by. All it takes is a little heating, and you have a decent meal.