More Things to Do While Camping

If you’ve ever gone camping, you will know that one of the main activities at night is storytelling by the campfire, in particular, stories about your camping activities and retelling everyone what you enjoyed most about the day’s activities. What adults seem to enjoy the most is the chance to live their youth again which is what makes campfire activities and camping in general so much fun.

Scary Stories

Now this is one of the most popular campfire activities known to man! These are old stories from folklore handed down through the generations, majority of which still transfix kids till today. You could even argue that kids would prefer a good scary story above anything else and all it takes is a little imagination.

Even though they don’t like to admit it, adults love a good ghost story as well, but nothing beats a scary story that is set “while camping within the woods.” This is where the story-teller becomes much more involved with the listener by laying out a fictional haunted back-story of the very camping grounds which they are camping in or even taking it to a much more frightening level by referencing the crazed killer or maniacal person who lurks the camping grounds, preying on the innocent. Obviously, some of these stories will not be suitable for kids, but for adults, it is still entertaining. As always, the stories are peculiar to the storyteller’s creativity and personality.


In the city, it is not always easy to see the stars in the sky with all the bright lights around. When camping, however, there is ample opportunity for friends and family to fully unwind which means spreading out on the ground and staring up at the bright night sky and just soaking up the atmosphere and nature in general. This is an ancient activity almost as popular as story-telling. Normally people try to make their observations of the stars in the sky, but it’s also a very good conversation piece among campers. With a little study-up, it can be the perfect time to educate kids on some basic astronomy and teach them about the major constellations.

Board Games

With the ever changing technological world, board games have steadily declined in use and have taken a backseat to television and video games. However, no television or video-game console is needed to pass a quality time while camping with family and friends. Board-game entertainment has been in existence for thousands of years in some form or another. There is no shortage of board games to choose from and can be played in any environment and especially night time. What makes board games so perfect for camping is that anywhere up to even a dozen players can be involved. In the same vein, card games are also popular and are very easy to take everywhere.

Journal Writing

For some of the more regular campers or those who like to record their daily activities in general, keeping a journal can be a nice way to pass the time at night. It is useful for those who like to look back years later at their camping experiences, the highlights as well as photos taken along the way. Making a log of activities can sometimes be helpful for those who like to camp regularly since it’s a way of keeping a record of things that might have been good or bad and can be improved upon on a future trip.