Tent Styles

The most common styles of tents are Frame Tents, Dome Tents, Ridge Tents, Touring Tents, Vis-à-vis Tents, Hoop Tents, and Geodesic Tents.

Frame tents – These are popular because of the headroom and overall space they provide. Some of the options come with separate sleeping compartments alongside a standard steel-frame structure which makes transporting the tent by car far more convenient.

Dome Tents – In the last ten years dome tents have been dominating the market. As a matter of fact, the vast majority of tents available in stores these days are dome tents mainly because of their durability, ease of set-up and ease of transportation thereby making it a popular choice among campers.

Ridge Tents – These are triangular and quite sturdy. Even though they offer plenty of headroom, their lack of support makes it unsuitable in heavy winds. They tend to be the easiest and quickest to set up but are found lacking during a not so good weather.

Touring Tents – These are one of the rare styles of tents which allow a person to stand straight up and even walk in it. Touring tents are known to have see-through windows with generally good ventilation.

Vis-à-vis Tents – These tents offer different sleeping compartments. Hoop tents which are sometimes called tunnel tents are popular amongst hikers and mountain climbers because they are easy to carry and don’t take up much room yet still very sturdy.

Geodesic Tents – They are similar in structure to the popular dome tents and are even stronger, being able to resist heavier winds. They are usually more expensive than other tents also.

There you have it! You now you have a bit of information on the different types of tents and the qualities and disadvantages of each. So when picking out a tent, do make sure you find one which is favorable to you based on the season you are camping in, the number of people that will be occupying it and also your budget. Weather can be unpredictable at best which means a tent which is within your budget that can handle both wind and rain is your best bet.