What type of backpack do you prefer

What type of backpack do you prefer?

External-frame packs, internal-frame packs and day packs/rucksacks are the three typical camping bags much admired by most travellers and outdoor lovers.

For those new to hiking and camping, external-frame packs are considered to be the ideal choice as this type of item can distribute heavy and unorganized load properly. What’s more, an external-frame pack usually costs less than that of internal-frame.

For those fanatics of outdoor activity, internal-frame packs designed with the purpose to keep the load close to your body for comfort and flexibility are the best choice.

As frame-less as they are, the daypacks are suitable for light loads. Therefore, they are often used in short excursions, and you may get one of them at a lower price than the two types mentioned above.

Choosing the Right Size

The bigger your backpack is, the more it can hold. It seems as if the biggest ones are always the best. But the truth is the larger your pack is, the more troublesome it may become as you may be tempted to take unnecessary items with you thereby requiring a lot of effort for it to be carried around. Therefore, a large size can retard your movements.

What Size of Backpack Do You Like?

The size of a camping backpack matters a lot. The bigger your pack is, the more it can hold. Meanwhile, getting a bigger backpack means you have to sacrifice mobility for load capacity because the larger your pack is, the more efforts you will need to make.

To sum it all up, the best type of backpack is one which you would feel comfortable walking with if your camping trip requires a lot of walking. A backpack which is light and durable yet water-resistant is ideal but most importantly, a well-fitting backpack which isn’t a hindrance to your body is not something you should ignore. One thing to remember is that weight on your back should be distributed efficiently in a way that the shoulder area carries 30% while the rest carries 70%.